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flip Womens Summer flip Handmade flops flops brown Leather Flip Sandals Flops Sandals Comfortable qSgwBH0q flip Womens Summer flip Handmade flops flops brown Leather Flip Sandals Flops Sandals Comfortable qSgwBH0q
Sandals flip Handmade brown Flops Comfortable flops Sandals flip Womens Flip flops Summer Leather
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WeWork and Bunker Labs are starting a program to help Houston veterans and their spouses launch and scale early-stage startups.

Houston is the 14th city to get WeWork Veterans in Residence. This program, starting Thursday, accepts up to 10 participants in each city every six months.

Across the 14 locations, with more expected to open, the program can assist 1,000 entrepreneurs over the next five years.

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WeWork, a coworking company, is providing Houston veterans with free work space at the 708 Main St. location and with networking opportunities. Bunker Labs, a nonprofit solely focused on assisting veteran entrepreneurs, will provide mentorship and training to help veterans grow their businesses.

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Nathan Lenahan, general manager for the Texas and Mountain West regions of WeWork, is an Army veteran and has been passionate about assisting former military members as they transition to civilian life. The two Veterans in Residence pilot programs were in regions he oversees: Denver and Austin.

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"Anyway we can give back to those who are giving so much and letting them figure out their second career," he said, "we love that idea."

When the six-month program ends, entrepreneurs will ideally enter a business incubator or accelerator to continue building upon their foundation.

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