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So Sandals Up Gladiator Jade Boho high Green Glam Knee Lace w6YTx0P

Lace Sandals Boho Knee Glam Gladiator Up high Green So Jade Empowering employees with technical skills and certifications, while improving the art of human interactions.

Lace Gladiator Sandals Green Boho Up Jade Glam So Knee high

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Lace Green Glam Jade Boho Up So Knee high Gladiator Sandals


  • Full Life Cycle Learner Support Services
  • Live Training Advisor Support
  • Flexible Purchasing Options
  • Personal Access to Subject Matter Experts
  • Access to Blended Learning Options
Individual Benefits
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Team Training

  • Customized Learning Experience
  • Integrated Curricula Options
  • Flexible Purchasing Options
  • Flexible Multi-Modal Delivery
  • Program & Logistics Support
  • Coaching & On-the-Job Application Support
Team Benefits

Enterprise learning services

  • Curricula Design, Development & Multi-Modal Delivery
  • Full Lifecycle Workforce Optimization Support
  • Support Team Cultivation of Customer Mission
  • Global Program Management Capabilities
  • Change Management & Process Improvement
  • Accommodating to Unique Learning Needs
Organizational Benefits

Business Solutions

  • Agile Transformation
  • IT Modernization
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Service Delivery
  • Project/Program Management
  • Leadership & Interpersonal Skills
Business Solutions

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Our super comfy knee high gladiator sandals with removable laces in jade green with gold metallic threads and sequins.

The eco-friendly, recyclable, interchangeable,goes with everything in your closet lace up gladiator sandal. All of our laces are interchangeable with our soles. One sole, endless possibilities.

HOW TO LACE CHRYSANDALS PHOTO TUTORIAL ( copy and paste the link below into your web browser)


1. 1 pair of soles

2. 1 pair of laces

3. two sets of lacing rings ( coordinated to go with your laces )

4. detailed instructions

5. organza bag to hold your sandals while travelling


The Chrysandal sole is made of 100% rubber which makes them not only durable and recyclable but also extremely comfortable. Most sandals on the market today are made from different forms of plastic and foam (EVA) due to its cheaper manufacturing process. EVA just can not match 100% rubber when it comes to comfort and durability.

The Chrysandal soles contain no Polyurethane or EVA (popularly known as ('foam'). They are recyclable and can be reprocessed in the manufacturing of various types of products, consequently avoiding the accumulation of waste and solid waste in nature, and encouraging environmental protection. As each pair of the Chrysandal soles are cut, the left over trimmings are melted down into new rubber sheets for re-use recycling. Just another thing to feel good about!

Chrysandals are the only 100% rubber soled lace up sandals in the world. They were specifically created to take you from a day on the beach to a night on the town in seconds . Slip them on and your feet will instantly thank you for the supple, springy, and welcoming fit of our 100% rubber soles and the soft, stretchy comfort of our laces.

We carry a vast array of laces, lacing rings and designer embellishments. Add to that the infinite styling possibilities and you get a sandal that is as fun, sexy, stylish and original as you are.

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