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Jirga Para Lhao
"Wave" gesture

Speak to Syd at the mission marker. He's looking for a screw and wants you to go get one from Gawan. Your best bet to start is to fly up above Banga: this will give you a bird's eye view of anybody who might have information on Gawan's whereabouts. Once you spot a speech bubble above someone's head, go talk to them. The first one is only about 200 yards in front of Syd's location—it sounds like Gawan knows a lot of people in Jirga Para Lhao so your best bet is probably to head toward town, but you should at least try and get a little more guidance first. Ask around Banga as you see people to talk to; Cecie is on the west side, and should point you in the right direction.

Follow the marker that Cecie points you toward and you'll find Gawan, running a shop in Lei Colmosnas Marketplace district while his friend, the owner, is out. Gawan can get you a screw from the warehouse in Banga, but you'll have to watch the shop while he's away. Fun!
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Business is slow, so there won't be a ton of customers until you get their attention. Use the face buttons to wave, salute, welcome, and beckon to potential customers; after not too long, you'll have amassed a huge flock of customers, and Gawan will return, having already given the screw to Syd.

You'll leave the shop in Gawan's hands and return to Syd to find him playing guitar for some groupies. The mission's not over yet: now he wants a thick wire.

Kat suggests you head over to the harbor to find that, so head toward the marker. Once you arrive in the harbor, you'll use the square button to talk to people until you find someone who can provide you with some wire. Eventually someone will point you toward a huge boat docked on the northeast end of the pier. Talk to the two men in front of the boat and one on them will tell you there's wire on the boat but he's too busy to fetch it, so you'll have to ask someone else... but then the boat takes off while he's trying to do his job! You'll have to help him out by loading cargo onto the boat for him, so use stasis to pick up his cargo, then fly it to the marker on the boat. Then head back to the pier to talk to him again. At last, you've got your wire.

Unfortunately, you're not done fetching junk for Syd yet. Now he wants an iron pipe! Don't worry, though: this is the last fetch quest for this mission. Gawan shows up and suggests you ask a plumber at the harbor warehouses, so follow the marker back out to harbor. When you get there, a plumber will accuse you of stealing supplies... so now you've got to catch the real thief before you can get the pipe you need.

Three markers will show up, so you'll have to check all three locations to find your thief. Once you've found nothing near the first two markers, check the third marker to find the thief. He'll hop in a personal aircraft loaded down with cargo and fly away, so you'll need to chase him through the air and catch him in a stasis field. Once you're close, the game will prompt you to press circle: do so and Kat will grab him out of the sky! Then head back to the plumber with the thief in tow to earn your pipe.

The game will drop you back near Syd, who's gotten a sizable crowd gathered around him now. Turns out, he wanted all that stuff to make a Miracle Hand, just to bring smiles to the faces of the children of Banga. D'awww.
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8.7" - 9" // 22.2 - 22.8cm - US6 / EU 36 / UK4

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9.3" - 9.4" // 23.6 - 24.0cm - US8 / EU 38 / UK6

9.5" - 9.7" // 24.1 - 24.6cm - US9 / EU 39 / UK7

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10" - 10.2" // 25.3 - 25.9cm - US11 / EU 41 / UK9

Please start the measurement from your longest toe. In most cases this is the thumb, but there are always exceptions, so make the measurement from the longest finger regardless of which it is. There is no need to grant any additional millimeters, needed is only the exact size of your foot.

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The vegetative treatment is a process born in the nature. The vegetative processed leathers contain no toxic substances such as azo dyes, nickel, pentachlorophenol, chromium VI, all substances that are harmful to humans and the environment. These substances are the main causes of a number of allergies. Due to the absence of heavy metals and the presence only of natural extracts, the leather is in perfect harmony with the environment.

Additional information:

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