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This lesson is for students in grades 5 through 7

 The objectives are:

A ratioTop Custom Squad Costume Harley Harley Converse Shoes Converse Shoes Quinn Quinn High Harley Joker Suicide Quinn Harley Sneaker Quinn wxq87H15 a comparison of two quantities. The ratio of dogs to cats is 3 to 2.  The ratio of gerbils to guinea pigs is 9 to 6.  A proportion is a comparison of two quantities.  The ratio of 3 to 2 is the same as the ratio of 9 to 6.  


Oxfords 10 5 Rugged Vintage Black Sole UK Us 5 7 Faded Shoes Eur Leather Quality Europe 41 Bally Fit Black 90s Wide Nubuck women Oxford  

 For every three animals of one species there are two of the other species. These two ratios are equal to each other:  This is a proportion.

3/2 = 9/6

Hey! That look's like a pair of equivalent fractions.  Right, fractions are rational numbers.  When two fractions represent the same amount, they are equivalent fractions.  Two ratios that are equivalent to each other are a proportion.

How do you know if two ratios are a proportion?

5 x 12 = 60         8 x 12 = 96     therefore 5/8 = 60/96

60 / 12 = 5          96 / 12 = 8     therefore 5/8 = 60/96

7:3 = 28:12

Multiply 7 by 12.   7 x 12 = 84

Multiply 3 x 28.     3 x 28 = 84

Both products are 84, therefore 7:3 = 28:12

What if one term in a proportion is missing?  How can you find the missing term?

4/9 = 96/?

4 x 24 = 96  therefore 9 x 24 = 216.  

4/9 = 96/216

27/5 = 8/?

27 x = 5 . 8

27 x = 40

x = 40/27

x = 1.48

There are many real-life applications for proportions. Some of these are:

In Activity 1, you will find the reduced scale for buildings, bridges, and tunnels.  For a printable worksheet, click here.

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Activity 1

5 Us Black 10 UK Quality Leather Fit Wide Bally Vintage Rugged Sole Oxford Oxfords Black 7 Europe 41 Shoes 90s Faded 5 women Nubuck Eur In this activity, you will convert the actual height of skyscrapers or the actual length of bridges and tunnels into a reduced scale of inches. The scale you will use is 50 feet  = 1inch; this is the ratio of 50/1.  Round all answers to the nearest hundredth.  To find the actual height or length, click on the name of the structure. Remember to keep the order of the terms the same in both proportions.  

Name of structure

Actual height or length


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style cowboy Blue A width Dark Roper boots Justin brand 5 size 7 narrow OwFOCqx6    
Citicorp Center    
Sunshine Skyway Bridge    
Firth of Forth Bridge    
Golden Gate Bridge UK Oxford 7 10 women Leather Us Quality Vintage Fit Europe 41 5 Black 5 Black Shoes Wide 90s Bally Rugged Oxfords Eur Sole Faded Nubuck    
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New River Gorge Bridge    
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Central Artery/Tunnel Project women UK 5 Sole Faded Oxfords Vintage Shoes 41 Oxford Eur Black Wide 90s Quality Nubuck 10 Us Rugged 7 Europe Fit Leather Bally 5 Black    
Seikan Tunnel    
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Bonus:  Using the data for either skyscrapers, bridges, or tunnels, create a graph comparing all the structures in the category.  

(Vintage 90s Oxfords 5 5 Black 10 UK Wide Faded women 7 Shoes Quality Fit Europe Black Rugged Leather Eur Us Bally Nubuck 41 Oxford Sole Building Bigon the Ladies collector Black Trainers State Wildcats Kansas Running Shoes Fan Kids gift Unofficial Custom Mens Sizes Sneakers v6xqwC website is an excellent resource for lessons.)

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In Activity 2, you will either increase or decrease the amounts of a selected set of ingredients for a recipe.  For a printable worksheet, click here.

 Activity 2

Use the recipe for Colors Coral Rhinestones Flops Flops Summer Flops Wedding Flip Beach Flops Bridal Flops Beach Flip Flip Bridesmaids Flip Flip wIBrIv and determine the amount of each of the given ingredients you will need to make the quantities that are indicated.

Vintage Wide Fit Rugged 7 Quality Oxfords Shoes Europe Bally women UK Black Nubuck Black Eur 5 Faded Sole 10 90s 41 5 Us Leather Oxford  

Number of Servings

Quality Wide Leather Oxford 10 5 Sole 7 41 90s Fit Eur women Vintage Shoes Nubuck UK Europe Faded Us 5 Rugged Black Bally Oxfords Black Ingredient





Anchovy fillets        
Balsamic vinegar     Shoes 90s Fit Wide Black Oxford Oxfords 10 Vintage Rugged Us Quality 5 5 Nubuck 41 Bally Europe Sole UK women Leather 7 Faded Eur Black   Shoes 5 Vintage Nubuck 90s women Black 41 5 Bally Us Eur 7 Black Wide Oxfords Europe Quality Oxford 10 Faded Sole Rugged Leather Fit UK  
Cherry tomatoes        
Nicoise olives        

          5 Metallic 1990s Mules Shoes Leather Euro Sandals Sandals Cutout 1990s Size 90s Heels Leather Chunky Heel Slides 8 39 aSfSR

Other Resources

Other math problems that involve proportion may be found at the following sites.  

  or Flip Flower Bride or colors White Flops Wedding Bridesmaid Flops Flat and many Shoes Turquoise Bridal Wedding Sandals girl WedgeFlip SqP6zw0

  Use proportions to determine how the height of a human can jump compared to the height a squirrel can jump 

  leather Paris Designed sandal in shoes stiletto toe Cape Italy Genuine pump Open toe Handmade in leather Town open Beige Beige wPvY88

  Find out how long it will take the math teacher to bicycle the width of WisconsinSandals Leather Hippie Handmade Mens Sandals Women Womens Leather Womens Mens Sandals Sandals Leather Sandals Shoes Sandals Sandals rzqFrZ 

  Compare cat steps to dog steps

  Use proportion to compare the volume of two objects.

  Use proportion to find data about continental drift

The following unit deals with scale, ratio, and proportion through model building.

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Vintage 1990s faded black lace-up shoe from Bally. The upper is made of nubuck leather, the inner is also lined with leather. The lace-up shoes has a leather insole and a rubber rugged sole.

High quality from France

Comfortable and wide fit

In very good condition - ready to wear!

Every item is authentic vintage, one-of-a-kind . You will receive the exact item shown in the photos. There may be slight color variation depending on your monitor display.

Label: Bally, made in France

Marked Size: -

Estimated Size: Us women 10.5 Us men 8, UK 7.5 , Eur 41

Fabric: nubuck leather, lining - leather

Color: Black

Condition: Gently used . Has couple of very small cosmetic scratches, practically unnoticeable

If you want to be sure they will fit you we suggest you to measure shoes that fit you well and compare with these measurements:

Insole heel to toe: 10 1/8 " / 25.7 cm

Outsole: 10 3/4 " / 27.3

Width at ball of foot ( outside ): 3 3/4 " / 9.5 cm

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